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Hi all,

A colleague left and now I have to maintain their ASP.NET project. I have Visual Studio 2010 installed now and this is my first ASP.NET project.

I have been tryining in vain to Import the last deployed version of the project from the location of <server_name>inetpub\wwwroot But so far nothing works where it will import, build and run in debug mode.

I have tried simply adding an existing project. I have tried creating a solution and adding existing components by navigating to the <project_name>.vbproj file. I have tried using the toolbar with File >> Add >> Existing project. I have tried the solution rcommended at this URL[^]

The only one that comes close is, the method of creating a blank solution with the same name, copying the relevant deployed folder from <server_name>inetpub\wwwroot to the blank solutions location. In the copied folder delete the .sln file. Back in Visual studio File >> Add >> Existing Web Site and navigate to the copied folder. This builds the project and all looks okay but when I click on debug I receive numerous messages of "Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object doesn't support this property or method". How do I fix this please??

Thanks in advance


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Why are you trying to work with the deployed site?
Normally, that's compiled, frequently obfuscated, and then published - you need to work from the source code, which should be where your colleague was working on it (or at least in the company backup systems).

Trying to work from a published web site is deliberately difficult: to make it harder for thieves to steal your site and use it themselves!
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jar8695 26-Aug-15 12:04pm    
Thanks for response. Since posting my question I have just found the project folder on my colleagues old computer but it only contains the .sln file. Can I use that to import the project to my Visual Studio? Bear with me as not used ASP.NET before!!
OriginalGriff 26-Aug-15 12:32pm    
You need more than that! :laugh:
The .SLN file just describes where the project is - if you open it with Notepad it should tell you where the rest of the project is - it should have a PhysicalPath setting which hopefully will tell you.

If it doesn't, try opening the solution file on his machine with VS and see what you get.

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